Preparing for the Vacation of Your Dreams

driving-transparent-backgroundA vacation is something that everyone needs from time to time, and you could have a few relaxing days at least once every few months. Nobody can work for a very extended period of time, and when you need to relieve the stress and break the routine, a vacation is the best choice.

There are plenty of ways to prepare a holiday, but if you have the possibility, choose to go with your car. It will give you freedom and flexibility, and you won’t have a tight schedule like you have with the trains or on the bus.

Let’s see how you can prepare for the vacation of your dreams in just a few steps.

The Car

First of all, you need to make sure that your vehicle is in order. You’ll have to use the DVLA contact number to find out what you need to do to make sure the papers are in order. They can give you the right info on registering the car in your name, if you have just acquired it, or what to do to change the address on the driving license.

The DVLA can also give you information about car insurance, as this is mandatory no matter what type of vehicle you have. Don’t postpone checking the papers because you could start traveling by car and realize that your driving license is expired, and it will take about a week to get a new license.

The Destination

Once you know all the details from the DVLA and your car and papers are in order, it’s time to choose the destination. You could go anywhere as long as you can afford it. However, if all you have are just a few days, pick something close – a few hundred kilometers are enough for planning a beautiful vacation.

You could take a map and see what cities are around you, or you could talk to a travel agency and see what offers they can make you. However, if you want to go abroad, you’ll have to contact DVLA again. Using the DVLA contact number will give you easy access to the information about what additional papers you need for traveling abroad with your car.

The Budget

When you plan your budget, make sure you cover the expenses for driving, like gas and insurance, but also for accommodations, food and something extra. You’ll need to have more money with you because unexpected events can happen and you should be prepared for any situation.

cosyvehicleimageTo make an idea about how much money you need, get online and see the prices for rooms in the area that you want to go and calculate how many nights you plan to spend there. Add the money for gas and food, and about 20% extra for pocket money. Make sure you factor in insurance on your car if you’re hiring one or taking yours! You can try the Elephant insurance number here to speak about packages with them, or the Ingenie number as well or you could even try the AXA car insurance phone number instead. All three offer fantastic packages.

The Bags

Once you’ve made your plans and the departure date is near, you can start packing. Apart from all the personal items and clothes that you take with you, make sure you don’t forget the papers – your ID card, the driving license and the papers of the car. You will have to have with you the car insurance at all times, as this is mandatory. Check the papers again and use the DVLA contact number if you have additional questions about the insurance or the documents that you need for traveling by car.